Marketplace Protocols Owned & Operated By The Community

We exist to build out marketplace dApps and protocols in the web3.0 ecosystem, so that people can experience the freedom and opportunities that decentralizated e-commerce provides.

Our Story

We are fighting a cultural war here.

On one end of the spectrum we have companies like Amazon who gobble up upwards of 20-50% of seller and fulfillment fees. The ethos of these web2 companies is all about maximizing corporate profits for its venture capitalist, investors and founders. A perfect example of the majority (the community) benefiting the minority (venture capitalists, wall street, founders).

With the evolution of web3.0, we can dream of a more open internet where the community takes back control. With the elimination of central authority figures and expensive gateway services such as credit card processing companies, we can keep fee structures low and transparent, ensuring all parties involved retain as much of the profit margin as possible. Also with the elimination of centralized fundraising practices, the Web30Bridge team pledges to ensure the community always owns at least 80% of the ecosystem. This allows for a truly decentralized decision making process where users can vote on the policies and govern the ecosystem in a way that benefits the majority(the community) and not the minority (venture capitalists, wall street, founders)

We exist solely to try and give our web3 community an alternative to the current web2 industry giants such as Amazon, Walmart, StockX and the like. We find purpose in providing our community with the proper protocols and channels so that they can efficiently distribute and sell their products via the lowest fee structures, cheapest fulfillment and distribution channels, and competitive shipping costs.





Web 3.0 Bridge HOW

Here are a few of the ways in which the Web 3.0 Bridge team delivers on its vision


Connected Across Entire Supply Chain

We develop easy to use, beautifully designed, decentralized marketplace applications and protocols that connects our community across the entire supply chain from sourcing, sales, distribution and everything in between.


Bridge Between All Parties

We build bridges between buyers, sellers, fulfillment centers, delivery services and all parties involved in a ecommerce transaction by connecting them via the blockchain, all the while deepening the relationship between all parties involved.


Eliminate High Fees and The Need for Middlemen

We find innovate ways to increase efficiency by cutting out middlemen and high fees, allowing users to directly conduct business with one another in the most efficient way possible.








Our Team Experience

Our team has over 15+ years of experience in ecommerce, payments and fulfillment.

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